A Remedy for Intentional Rx Non-Adherence – Understanding Patients’ Beliefs


Patient non-adherence is a big problem.  Non-adherence among chronic disease patients is associated with higher rates of hospital re-admissions, higher costs and poorer outcomes. Research has identified over 200 possible factors thought to influence patient adherence.  According to the experts, these factors can be categorized into two groups: unintentional non-adherence intentional non-adherence. Unintentional non-adherence is […]

Asking Our Doctor Questions – Many of Us Don’t Have Much to Say


Ask your doctor.  I think most of us would agree that is good advice…at least up to the point that we find ourselves sitting half naked on an exam table in our doctor’s office.  Then the doctor walks in and for some reason many of us just “clam up.” Patient question-asking during the primary care […]

Too many errors are made because of over-reliance on the EMR


A cautionary tale from Ciro Attardo MD, Family Physician, Founding Partner, and Director at Horizon Family Medical Group.  This is a re-print of his reply to an earlier post of mine on the Medical Home Group on LinkedIn. The best EMR will not create a good doctor where there is none. When it comes to […]

Poor Physician-Patient Communication – Is “Lack of Time” Really the Problem?


[tweetmeme http://www.healthecommunications.wordpress.com]If the lack of time is the chief barrier to poor physician-patient communications, it logically follows that longer patient appointments are the solution.  Ok…lets’ say that I could wave a magic wand and add 5 or even 10 more minutes to the average primary care office visit.  Would more time really make a difference? […]