12 Questions Empowered Patients Should Ask When Looking For A New Physician…Are You Ready?


Conventional wisdom tells people that when looking for a new physician they need to consider things like Specialty, Board Certification, years in practice and geographic proximity.   Online services like Health Grades allow you to see compare the satisfaction scores for prospective physician candidates. But industry insiders know different.  Consider those patient satisfaction scores for physicians. […]

Why Can’t Physicians Be More Like Dentists When It Comes To Patient Follow-up?


[tweetmeme http://www.healthecommunications.wordpress.com]I have to give my dentist credit.  He and his staff know when I am due for a cleaning and call me to schedule an appointment without fail.  They also call to remind me the day before an appointment.  Many dentists, I understand, do similar kinds of things for their patients. As a patient, […]