One More Reason Patients Ask Doctors So Few Questions


[tweetmeme source=”Healthmessaging” only_single=false]The most popular post on my blog is entitled Five Reasons Why People Do Not Ask Their Doctor Questions. Well it seems there is a sixth reason. The Reason? I am forever reminded of this when I see my retinal surgeon for follow-up for my surgery to fix a recently detached retina.   Every time […]

Patient Satisfaction and Doctor Requests – What’s the Score?


[tweetmeme source=”Healthmessaging” only_single=false]My favorite blog, besides Mind the Gap, is  It’s not just because they let me do a guest post now and then.  I like it because it is a great place to interact with lots of other readers, particularly physicians.   Last week, KevinMD picked upon my post here on empathy or […]