The 10 Commandments of Patient Engagement


As a patient, care giver, researcher and a human being, here ‘s my “take” on what physicians and hospitals, and all the entities that work with them like health plans, ACOs , etc. need to do to effectively increase patient engagement in 2013 and beyond. Act like you are glad to see them (patients) and […]

What Do Doctors Know About The People In Their Waiting Room? – The Scourge of Unemployment


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]Anyone has ever been down-sized or otherwise lost a job knows the feelings.   Personal loss (social, financial and routine),  self doubt, and in some cases fear of what the future will bring.   Unemployment and its cousin under employment are not subjects that a lot of people are comfortable bringing up in polite conversation…even […]

The Cost of Poor Physician-Patient Communication – Depression


Depression is one of those conditions that patients, particularly men and certain ethnic groups, are reluctant to bring up on their own.  Unfortunately  most physicians also seem reluctant to bring up the subject of depression with their patients. Depression is a big problem these days.   Four out of every ten patients in  primary care waiting […]