Why It’s So Important For Physicians To Listen – The Patient’s Perspective


A recent qualitative study (structured interviews) of patients conducted at       McGill University School of Medicine underscores the importance of listening in physician-patient interactions.   In this study, patients were asked to identify the qualities of a good physician.   The following is a typical patient response: “A good physician is somebody who will listen to what […]

Why Patients Don’t Always Do What’s In Their Best Interest


Can you say “reactance”?  Don’t feel bad, I wasn’t familiar with the term either until recently.  But as you will see, anyone that has ever been a patient will catch on pretty quickly as to what reactance is and how it works. Reactance is how we respond to something that threatens to limit or eliminate […]

The Critical Role of Patient Trust In Their Doctor – Infographic


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]Often the simplest solutions to problems are the best.   So it would seem when it comes to the impact that increasing patient trust in physicians could have on  many of the  intractable challenges that face the health care industry everyday like non-adherence, lack of involvement, poor health status, dissatisfaction and so on. […]

Accountable Care and Effective Physician-Patient Communications – You Can’t Have One Without the Other


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) figure prominently in the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.   The concept behind Accountable Care Organizations is that by tying both physician and hospital compensation to outcomes via a bundled fee (say for pneumonia), we can expect to see an improvement in quality and value. In principal accountable […]

Paying Patients to Take Their Medications Is Stupid


The New York Time reported recently on efforts by providers and payers to increase patient medication adherence through the use financial incentives paid to patients.  The article cited the use of small financial payments (<$100), awarded via lotteries, to patients that take Warfarin – an anti blood clotting medication. There is certainly nothing wrong with […]