Why Can’t Physicians Be More Like Dentists When It Comes To Patient Follow-up?


[tweetmeme http://www.healthecommunications.wordpress.com]I have to give my dentist credit.  He and his staff know when I am due for a cleaning and call me to schedule an appointment without fail.  They also call to remind me the day before an appointment.  Many dentists, I understand, do similar kinds of things for their patients. As a patient, […]

A Remedy for Intentional Rx Non-Adherence – Understanding Patients’ Beliefs


Patient non-adherence is a big problem.  Non-adherence among chronic disease patients is associated with higher rates of hospital re-admissions, higher costs and poorer outcomes. Research has identified over 200 possible factors thought to influence patient adherence.  According to the experts, these factors can be categorized into two groups: unintentional non-adherence intentional non-adherence. Unintentional non-adherence is […]