The Fastest Way To Disempower, De-Activate, and Disengage Any Patient


I may not know how to tell the difference between an empowered patient, an engaged patient, or an activated patient.  But I do know that fastest way to disempower, disengage, and de-activate any patient is a trip to the doctor’s office or the hospital.  A visit to an average primary care physician (or specialist) is […]

What If All Chronically Ill Patients Were This Engaged In Their Health


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false] This video is an excellent testimony of what a truly engaged and knowledgable  patient with chronic diabetes looks and sounds like.  Kudo’s to the Mayo Clinic for sharing this wonderful piece about Shared Decision Making. Pay particular attention to the fact that the patient in the video was being treated for 8 […]

What Do Doctors Know About The People In Their Waiting Room? – The Scourge of Unemployment


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]Anyone has ever been down-sized or otherwise lost a job knows the feelings.   Personal loss (social, financial and routine),  self doubt, and in some cases fear of what the future will bring.   Unemployment and its cousin under employment are not subjects that a lot of people are comfortable bringing up in polite conversation…even […]