Satisfaction With Provider Communication In Recent Study Is Lower In Patient Center-Medical Homes (PCMH) Than Non-PCMH


A recent blog headline on the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) recently caught my attention.  It was entitled Patient Satisfaction With Medical Home Quality High.  I was intrigued.  I asked myself high compared to what?  Non-PCMH practices? The study, which appeared in the November-December 2013 Annals of Family Medicine, asked 4,500 patients (2009 Health Center […]

Shared Decision Making – Not Ready For Prime Time – Nor Evidently Is Patient-Centered Care


When it comes to delivering truly patient-centered care…how are providers supposed to know when they have “arrived”?   According to Michael Berry, MD, President of the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, providers will know they have achieved the “pinnacle of patient-centered care” when they routinely engage their patients in shared decision-making (SDM). In theory, shared decision-making (aka […]

Five Myths About Empowered Patients Or E-Patients


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]Irrational exuberance was a term once used to describe the stock market before the last crash.  It also seems an apt description for much of the talk these days about empowered health consumers. To be sure, patients today have unprecedented access to health information.  Patient decision-support tool can be found on just about […]

Does Physician Denial Of Patient Requests Result In Decreased Patient Satisfaction?


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false]The short answer: No.   At least not in the context of a strong physician-patient relationship.   Many physicians have legitimate concerns about the prospects of having their salary or level reimbursement linked to patient satisfaction. I would too given the way most health care providers go about measuring and interpreting patient satisfaction […]

What If All Chronically Ill Patients Were This Engaged In Their Health


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false] This video is an excellent testimony of what a truly engaged and knowledgable  patient with chronic diabetes looks and sounds like.  Kudo’s to the Mayo Clinic for sharing this wonderful piece about Shared Decision Making. Pay particular attention to the fact that the patient in the video was being treated for 8 […]

Five Ways to Tell If Your Physician Is Patient Centered


[tweetmeme source="Healthmessaging" only_single=false] Hint- Being Designated As A Patient Centered Medical Home Is Not One We hear a lot about patient centered care these days.  In particular, a growing number of physicians across the country are now referring to their practices as a Patient Centered Medical Home. But how can you tell if your physician’s […]